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Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism

Academiei street, nr.18-20, sector 1, Bucharest

The Center for Architectural and Urban Studies

Str. Mihail Moxa 3-5, 010961 Bucuresti, Romania


Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism

The University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu is the oldest and most important higher education institution of this kind. It continues a long tradition of local architectural education, directly connected with the rise of modern Romania, since 1892 through the Architecture School founded by the Romanian Architects Society. The Architecture education in Romania commenced in 1864 since “The School for Bridges and Roads, Mines and Architecture” was founded by the decree signed by the sovereign Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Between 1892 and 1897 the school was conducted by Ion Socolescu as a private school, later on becoming an individual education institute following the education reform conducted by Spiru Haret.

During the first half of the 20th century the School has witnessed transformations and has functioned either as an independent one under the name of Academy of Architecture or as part of the Polytechnic School. In 1932, the architectural education and the profession of architect were defined by a specific law. Between 1943 and 1948 a special department for urbanism was set up.

Since 1952 the Faculty of Architecture became independent and got the name of “Ion Mincu Institute of Architecture” until the year 2000 when the Senate decided to modify the name into “University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”” which presently is its official name.

The modification was required due to the changes in the internal structure generated by the necessity of diversifying the educational programmes in the field. After 1990 a short term of 3 years educational programme was set up with specialization in architecture, CAD, interior design and urbanism and later on two new faculties emerged: in 1997 the Faculty of Urbanism and in 2003 The Faculty of Interior Design.

The Faculty of Urban Planning

The Faculty of Urban Planning became operational in 1997 as a response to the obvious need to prepare professional planners for the new complexity of the field, as a distinctive branch coming out from the architectural school. Built on the experience of the previous short term education in planning and on the model of European schools in the field, the Faculty of Urbanism became the first higher education institution in Romania in the field, providing specialized programmes for urbanism, landscape and territorial planning. A 5 years school until 2005, the faculty shifted to the 2 levels Bologna Educational System, providing now 4 years programmes for bachelor degree followed by 2 years programmes for master degree. A 3rd doctoral cycle is available afterwards within the University Doctoral School. For the bachelor cycle, there are two different programmes available: one for Urban Design and Planning and one for Landscape Design and Planning. A 3rd one for Urbanism and Territorial Management became recently operational at the University Branch in Sibiu. The master level provides 6 different programmes now: Urban Design, Urban Management for Competitive Cities, Landscape and Territory, Territorial Planning and Regional Development, Urban Mobility and Urbanism and Public Policies (in cooperatioon with the National School for Political and Administrative Studies). The master programmes are opened to graduates in planning and connected educational fields such as architecture, geography, engineering, traffic planners, economy, sociology, ecology, horticulture, history a.o.). The Faculty has around 300 students in the bachelor cycle and 100 for the master cycle. The Faculty of Urbanism is represented at European level as member of AESOP – Association of European Schools of Urban Planning and REA – Réseau des Ecoles d’Architecture, Urbanisme et Paysage de la France, Europe Centrale et Orientale.


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